RISING PRICES: Man Protests Gas Price Spike

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Gas prices topped the four-dollar mark for the first time in 5-years in Sioux City.

A gallon of regular unleaded was selling for $4.04 there, while here in the metro prices stayed just under at $3.89.

AAA says the shut-down of two refineries are to blame for the climbing prices.

A Des Moines man says he doesn’t care why prices are rising; he just wants it to stop, so he shared his frustration with a one man protest at the intersection of East 14th and Maury.

Gas stations on both corners were selling gas for the same price, Michael Banks says that is part of the problem, “You go one place and you see the price has been raised 10-12 cents, and the next thing you know, they are all that way. Every single gas station, that’s price fixing in my book, I don’t know what everyone else calls it, but it sure isn’t fair to you or I who have to fill up our cars.”

Banks hopes to see more gas station protests as prices continue to rise. He is asking people to join him by visiting his facebook page down by pennies, up by dimes.