THREAT FOUND: Carlisle Schools Evacuated

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A threatening note found by students prompted administrators to evacuate the high school and elementary school in Carlisle Friday afternoon.

Superintendent Tom Lane says students discovered a threatening note in a boys bathroom around noon. The note made a threat about the high school, students, and staff.

Students were evacuated from the high school while police investigated.

Parents were notified through an e-mail alert about the threat.

A short time later someone reported hearing a ticking sound near the elementary school. Students there were evacuated and the police and bomb squad were called in again. As it turns out the sound was coming from a malfunctioning kitchen timer the cooks had thrown away.

Though there was no threat made to the middle school that school was put on lockdown as a precaution.

Superintendent Lane says staff did everything right in these situations, “You take everything absolutely serious.  You don’t even question it.  You have a threat and you react to that.  Our parents, students and staff need that degree of safety.”