MISSION TRIP: Clive Church Members Bound For Kenya

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A dozen members from Living Faith Lutheran Church in Clive are bound for Kenya.  Six native Iowans and six native Kenyans left this afternoon for a nearly two-week long mission trip.

“When they first came to us, they were just looking for a place to worship,” says Pastor Luke Timm.

It didn’t take long for the Swahili congregation to become part of the church.

“After a few months, they just became part of the family and we just kind of grew together,” says Timm.

For half of the group, the mission trip is a homecoming of sorts.

“We are not only going to Kenya to visit our family, but we are going to spread the gospel.   That is the main thing we are excited about,” says Felistas Njenge.

She is returning home for the first time in three years.   Njenge says many are in need in her homeland.

“Food, shelter, clothes, funds for school and there`s a lot of people like they don't have someone who they can depend on.  So they're suffering,” she says.

Pastor Timm has seen the third-world poverty firsthand during his last two trips to Kenya.

“There is no way to prepare, but what you can be prepared for is to meet people who are incredibly genuine, who are loving and kind and compassionate,” he says.

The group is scheduled to arrive in Kenya late Monday night.  They will return to Iowa on May 31st.  Timm will be posting blogs and pictures during their time there. You can follow along with the mission trip at http://www.clivechurch.com.