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Severe storms moved through the state again tonight. These were not as severe as last night…but we did have three tornado warnings for areas between Des Moines to Ankeny to Ames and Marshalltown.
All the tornado warnings were radar indicated. That means the tornadoes were not spotted by people on the ground, but the radar indicated there was rotation within the storms.

We had a ton of pictures from our photolink files. We also had several that came our way through the 13 WarnMe app for smart phones.
Eric Kline Eric Kline had this view from his home in Ames.
Roger Rielly Roger Rielly is one of our photojournalists and was out taking video of storms and had the time to capture this wall cloud.

Shane Hail Shane Swalwell had hail from quarter to golf ball size in Maxwell.

Winterset In Winterset… Dan Virgin’s nephew took this amazing shot of the storm as it moved toward Des Moines.

Church This in one of my favorite. Zion United Church of Christ in Hubbard Iowa, taken by pastor Renault. Let’s use this one to remember those in Moore, OK who are still trying to find the missing in today’s tornado outbreak.

Here is the seven day forecast. Seven Day

Moore, OK coverage continues tonight. Our sister station KFOR is still on the air covering the rescue and recovery of tornado victims in Moore. http://kfor.com/on-air/live-streaming/