FLOOD STAGE: Charles City Prepares

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In Charles City they are dealing with the aftermath of Sunday’s rain. As of Monday afternoon, the Cedar River was already above flood stage. The National Weather Service predicted a crest of 21 feet- it’s the highest the river has been since 2008.

“It can be tough at times. There are a lot of demands obviously. Not only from citizens but also city officials and getting things coordinated. But like you said, we have been through this before. The residents of Charles City are resilient,” said Charles City Fire Chief Eric Whipple.

Residents spent the day filling and laying sandbags along homes and businesses. Furniture and other belongings were moved from lower levels, to prepare for the predicted rising waters. Many roads were shut down, and some neighborhoods even evacuated.

One of the assisted living homes in town was also evacuated: “We made the decision about 3:00 p.m. that if residents needed services those services would not be able to get to the residents because the roads on both sides of the building were flooding,” said Susan Ayers.

The residents were moved to other facilities further into town or are staying with family.

In 2008, the river hit 25.5 feet.