GOLDEN GIRL: Gabby Back In The Gym


Since winning two Olympic gold medals, Gabby Douglas has been more celebrity than gymnast.

She stayed on an exhausting schedule of appearances ever since, but told Channel 13 two weeks ago, she’d soon return to Chow’s Gymnastics in West Des Moines to resume training.

And Gabby didn’t lie; she was back in the gym Monday afternoon.

Chow did not allow cameras inside, and said no interviews just yet.

Douglas previously told us she’ll go for more gold in Rio in 2016.

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  • carolburbank

    Reblogged this on Lead Me On and commented:
    This news is important because it demonstrates that LEADERS SHOULD DO WHAT WE DO BEST. And Gabrielle Douglas is a superb athlete, not just a newly fledged celebrity and role model. Leadership is measured not only by the ways we perform ourselves as public figures, but also by the fact of our commitment to excellence. Our doing is our deepest measure. I’m glad to see her back flipping in the gym, training for her next and perhaps biggest challenge — the 2016 Olympics.

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