MORNING BUZZ: What’s in a Warning? and Worth it

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Good Morning!

Hope you had a great weekend and that very few of you had plans disrupted by the storms.  I know it was a big weekend for graduations and such….

What’s in a Warning?

I ask because we had the sirens go off last night.  I am in the Central to west-central part of the city of Des Moines and we heard sirens go off five times…So did Brooke on the South side.  When I heard the sirens I checked the information…there was a warning for Polk County and we went to the basement.  We really didn’t need to be there.

I know I know…I am going to get some angry emails from Emergency Management personnel saying the outdoor sirens are simply a warning for people who might be outdoors that they should seek shelter.  That’s a change in the last year or so.  My problems is…I’m not sure a lot of people know that, so they assume there is a warning associated for their area with the siren.  When a storm like this happens and the sirens end up alerting us of…nothing…then I think people might begin to disregard the sirens…That’s not good.

Weather radios are always best and cell phones have apps like 13 Warm Me to make sure you have updated information…But the sirens have just become confusing.  When I got in this morning our reporter Jenny told me her sirens in West Des Moines DIDN’T GO OFF!!  She’s in Polk County too.  She was about 10 miles closer to the actual tornado than I was and she didn’t get sirens.  How does that help?

My point here isn’t to criticize the emergency managers…they’re trying to err on the side of caution and make sure everyone stays safe.  My point is to wonder aloud if we couldn’t use a better system?  Reverse 9-1-1 is technology that’s existed for a while.  You can target specific addresses.  Mid-American Energy knows when my lights are back on and calls me to tell me so.  Why can’t the County come up with a system that warns specific neighborhoods and addresses?  Why can’t my cell phone be programmed to allow an emergency agency to call or text me when there is a severe weather alert?  Isn’t that enough?  Along with the radios isn’t that enough?  What did you think about the sirens/radios/smart phone warnings you got last night?

Worth it

We had a long Saturday with the Boys.  We attended the CureSearch walk down at Principal Park Saturday morning to support a friend in the boy’s PMO class last year who is fighting valliantly against brain cancer.  The stories of survival are inspirational and the stories of the children who didn’t win their battle with cancer remind us to appreciate every day with our healthy kids.

After the walk we headed to Sesame St live.

JT SSlive

 I didn’t know what to expect but the reaction

was enough to get me choked up.  JT loved it!  His face said it all..
I hope you all  have something in our day that makes you smile like that!


Have a good one,