STORM ASSESSMENT: Three Tornadoes Confirmed

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Storm surveyors spent most of the day assessing damage across three central Iowa counties. Officials confirmed three tornadoes.

The first happened at 6:30 PM Sunday night. It was an EF0 tornado just southwest of Adel.

Fifteen minutes later, an EF1 one tornado touched down four miles southwest of Dallas Center.

The third tornado was an also an EF1 packing winds of up to 90 MPH. The storm touched down two miles southeast of Slater.

For surveyors, tracking weaker storms can be a difficult task.

"What we do in these surveys is try and take the EF scale and try to see what the damage was and correlate it with the wind,” said Brad Small, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The tornado that touched down near Adel hit near the home of Matt and Stacy Eischeid.

They noticed debris flying through a field just south of their property.

That's when they took cover.

"We could hear it in the basement. You could hear the trees hitting the house and hear the hail,” said Stacy Eischeid.

No injuries or fatalities were reported in any of the three tornadoes.

Here’s a look at how storm surveyors determine the strength of a storm.