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Today Senator Tom Harkin made his way back to Iowa to deliver some big news. Harkin announced his papers will go to Drake University.

Earlier this year Senator Harkin decided he would not donate his official papers to his alma mater, Iowa State University.

The papers will be displayed in Drake University's archives. They'll serve as a research tool for students and the community.

Harkin says choosing Drake over Iowa State just felt right.

“It makes logical sense for all of this to be in Des Moines, easily accessible, the capital of Iowa, so everything seemed to make really good sense for it to be here at Drake University,” says Harkin.

Today's decision is a blow to Harkin’s alma mater - Iowa State University.

In April of 2011 Senator Harkin agreed to leave his officials papers at Iowa State's newly created Harkin Institute.

That plan fell through after Harkin raised concerns about possible research restrictions at the institute.

Money raised for Iowa’s state Harkin institute will now be transferred to Drake University.

Harkin served in congress for 40 years. The papers will be donated at the conclusion of his senate term in 20-14.