GOLDEN APPLE: May 2013 Winner

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Many of us had our favorite class in school – one that made going to school extra fun.

Students at one central Iowa school like their teacher so much, they actually think math is fun.

Arielle Nixon went to find out more about this month’s Golden Apple Award Winner.

Adam Hansen hasn`t been a teacher for forty years.  He hasn`t even been a teacher for ten years.  This is Adam’s fifth year as a teacher and his second year at Martensdale-St.Mary`S Community School but in the short time that he has worked there, he has been able to inspire his students to want to learn.

“He`s just got that rapport with his students that they want to come in there and learn.  And they know that it`s about learning math, learning math concepts. And they know that he`ll make it fun for them, interesting, and they`re going to be prepared,” said principal, Mike Cruzier.

It`s for this reason that Hannah Hill nominated Mr. Hansen for the Golden Apple Award.

“He`s always made class fun.  I didn`t like math in junior high and then when I got to high school and had him as a teacher, I didn`t dread going to class. We went in there, we learned, but he taught it in a fun way.”

Adam is no stranger to the life of a teacher. He grew up with educators all around him. His dad is a teacher, his grandfather was a teacher, and his grandmother was a vocal teacher.

Adam`s parents always encouraged him to do whatever it was that would make him happy, it just so happens that turned out to be following in his family`s footsteps.

Dad, John Hansen explains, “He said, `I want to teach math` and I said, `well the apple doesn`t fall far from the tree` because I’m also a math teacher!’

Adam may not have his own children yet, but his passion for his job is already inspiring his students.

It`s pretty remarkable to find your dream job at only 27 and Adam knows how lucky he is.

“I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity to be a teacher and to have an impact on students. I have a passion for helping young people and I’m just grateful that I found a school where I can really do my best work,” Adam said on receipt of his award.