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MISSING GIRL: Dayton Hasn’t Given Up Hope

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Crews in Dayton are searching a new, expanded area in hopes of finding clues to the disappearance of 15-year-old Kathlynn Shepard.

Authorities say Kathlynn disappeared Monday after Michael Klunder abducted her and a friend from a bus stop.

As day five comes and goes volunteers and authorities are still not giving up hope of finding the 15 year old.

They’ve expanded the area they are searching and going over places they've already been hoping to spot something they might have missed the first time.

"I feel like this is the least I can do for something that could happen, I’m only 18 she is only 15 it could happen to anyone in my high school so I just want to do my part,” said volunteer, Cambria Hoffman.

Groups of 20 were dropped off along Highway 169 Friday to take a second look at an area that has already been searched once.

This time the group is looking for smaller items, ear buds, jewelry, a shoe, anything item that might be a clue to where Kathlynn could be.

But it's not just those out walking who are volunteering.

A group from Perry came to Dayton to cook food for the hundreds of people out searching.

With most of the food being donated free of charge to help volunteers stay full while they search.

"I wanted to be up here and I wanted to help with the search and cooking is what I do for a living, so here I am I am cooking, I’m trying to help,” said molly Rowe-Perry.

We learned on Thursday that a significant amount of Kathlynn's blood was found at several locations including the suspect’s vehicle, and the hog confinement where the girls were taken.

Regardless of that information, DCI agents say they are committed to finding Kathlynn and bringing her home.

They say they will be back out here searching Saturday morning once again.