FIVE YEARS: Parkersburg Commemorates

It was five years ago today, a powerful and deadly tornado hit the town of Parkersburg.

The EF5 tornado tore a path through Parkersburg, New Hartford and Dunkerton.

Two people were killed in New Hartford and seven people died in Parkersburg.

The town’s school, Aplington-Parkersburg High School took a direct hit.

Today, the town is bouncing back.

According to the City, 288 homes were destroyed by the 2008 tornado. 230 of those homes have been rebuilt.

Twenty of the 22 businesses hit that day are now open again.

The community marked the anniversary by following the path of that deadly twister, Saturday.

It was the annual Race of Remembrance EF-5K and  the Ed Thomas 10K.

The race takes runners through the parts of Parkersburg that were destroyed by the tornado.

Organizers of the race say it’s a time to remember the storm but also to show off the progress that’s been made since that day.

“In light of the Oklahoma tornado here just a few days ago I think it’s a real reminder that storms are real and storms affect people so I think every year is important,” said rece co-director, Adam Hoogestraat. “Of course you have your mile stone years, but it’s just one day after the next the sun keeps coming up.”

The money raised from the 5K will go towards a new fire engine for the community.

Funds from the 10K go to the Ed Thomas Family Foundation that funds scholarships in honor of the slain coach.


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