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FLOOD DAMAGE: Brooklyn Rivals ’93

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The town of Brooklyn near Grinnell is dealing with extensive flood damage, Sunday.

Due to overnight rains, Little Bear Creek in Brooklyn isn't so little anymore. Floods there are rivaling 1993.

Days of rain have taken their toll on the small town, “We noticed it was coming up this morning when we woke up and it gradually kept going and going and getting faster and faster,” said resident, Tom Gibson.

Neighbors gathered at the road blocks to take in a scene they haven't seen in a while.

“Both sides of it right there in between those trees, it`s an old 1800 bridge,” said resident, Kenneth Ellis.

And now that bridge is underwater.

Usually Little Bear Creek that runs under the bridge is 1 to 2 feet deep but now water there has reached close to 12 feet covering the road and farm fields left in its path.

brooklyn floods“The co-op, the elevator in town plants, these three fields and they had already been planted and were sprouting up a little bit and they`re gone,” explained Tom.

Residents say rain from neighboring towns trickle their way down, leaving a mess behind in Brooklyn, a mess many residents say they haven't seen since the floods of '93.

“It usually doesn`t get this far up the road,” Ellis said. “It`s moving a lot faster than it usually does.”

Upstream, Grinnell received seven inches of rain, Brooklyn received just 1-2 inches.