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PHOTO GALLERY: Flash Flooding

Posted on: 7:18 pm, May 26, 2013, by , updated on: 07:14pm, May 28, 2013

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  • Conrad 12 miles, normally!

  • Unnamed

  • Highway 14 North of Marshalltown

  • Vanessa Siemens

  • This is part of the flooded Grinnell bike path, just north of the high school grounds. Maybe no biking on this path, but these young people improvised!! Photo submitted by Ted Schultz

  • Taken by Rachel Leach resident of Kellogg

  • Taken by Rachel Leach resident of Kellogg

  • Taken by Rachel Leach resident of Kellogg

  • Unnamed

  • Vanessa Siemens

  • Terry Wearmouth in Kellogg

  • Tara Conover in Lynnville says “we opened our camper door to find us all in water. No one told us and the DNR said this had never happened before.”

  • Shaun Vander Weerdt Wagaman Mill, Lynnville IA

  • Brenda Denmark - Inside the wheel room at the Wagaman Mill

  • Brooklyn

  • Brooklyn flooding

  • Taken by Cindy

  • Kellogg

  • Kellogg, IA. Rock Creek State Park Sunday morning as Rock Creek Lake came up. Dan Walker

  • Maci Wilts, Marshalltown

  • North Skunk River near Grinnell by Jeremy Blom

  • Rock Creek State Park, Kerri Rubenbauer

  • Rock Creek State Park, Tara Conover

  • Shaun Vander Weerdt Wagaman Mill, Lynnville

  • Sugar Creek went over the highway east of Lynnville says Jeremy Blom

  • Kellog flooding

  • Sandbags in Kellogg

  • Kellogg home flooded

  • Alexander Kaltsas takes a dip in front of his lakefront property

  • Alexander Kaltsas' basement

  • Brooklyn flooding

  • Brooklyn floods

  • One of our viewer's back yard

  • Kellogg

  • Rock Creek near Kellogg - Vicki Weaver

  • Rock Creek, Kellogg - D. Purvis

  • Peggy James - Douglas and east 9th

  • St Anthony - Vanessa Siemens

  • Kim Meyer Thiede - Marshalltown north side of Hwy 14

  • Flooding in NW Newton Koni Bunse

  • North Skunk River in New Sharon

  • North Skunk River almost ready to flow over a railroad bridge in New Sharon

  • Raccoon River Jefferson

  • Fishing in the front yard in Carroll- Jamie McCool

  • New Sharon - Kathy Krafka Harkema of Montezuma

  • Kathy Krafka Harkema of Montezuma

  • HWY 63 flooded Kathy Krafka Harkema of Montezuma

  • Ed Harkema of New Sharon

  • Flooding won't ruin Jimmy Busch's fun in Montezuma

  • Tama County

  • Log jam at bridge on 169 in Adel- Tim Yates

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