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BIG DIFFERENCE: Flood Waters Down In Kellogg

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Sunday afternoon, Kellogg fire fighters were preparing for the worst.

Holmdahl City Park was under water, people like Gene Wisenen were dealing with flooded basements, and crews worked around the clock to keep flood waters away from the water and sewer plants.

"We all could be in a lot of trouble,” said Scott Keenan, Mayor of Kellogg.

Fast forward to Monday afternoon.

Flood waters have receded away from the roads leaving wet basements and a muddy mess behind.

"It's down.  It’s extremely down. You can actually see the grass and stuff over there,” said Kellogg resident, Leslie Graf.

"The expense of the furnace and hot water heater can be budgeted, but wasn't planned,” said Gene Wisenen.

A few miles down the road at Rock Creek State Park, dozens of people spent their Memorial Day digging their boats and RV's out of the water.

Mike Lamb was woken up Sunday morning by neighboring campers who noticed his RV was no longer along the creek, but in it.

His boat which was tied to a dock was sinking.

"I've talked to some older guys who have camped out here for years who say they have never seen it this bad,” said Lamb.

Monday, the water receded enough that lamb and other campers could get their RV's out of the water.

It's a Memorial Day Lamb will never forget no matter how hard he may try.

"I'm going to remember this Memorial Day weekend as the biggest pain I've ever had,” Lamb told Channel 13 News.

The city of Kellogg is still under a boil advisory. The DNR says the rains inundated drinking water wells, which could possibly contaminate them with bacteria. Any water used for drinking or cooking should first be brought to a boil for one minute until further notice.