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BOATING BLUES: Weather Dampens Holiday Plans

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Many people mark the un-official start of summer with a trip to the lake.

Boater, Bettie Danley says with a smile, “A good boater comes out whether its rain or shine, we have our raincoats, we’re prepared.”

Those are some optimistic boaters. Others at Saylorville Lake told us this is the worst Memorial Day weekend in years.

This time last year, the lake was packed. The marina's general manager wonders if he'll make any money this holiday.

“This year is weird, I mean even in the previous years when we've had the bad holiday weekends, there have still been a lot of people here, but for some reason they're just not here this weekend,” says Mike Slatterly.

Slatterly hopes this isn't a precursor of what's to come the rest of the summer.