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HIGH WINDS: Mile Long Bridge Closed Temporarily

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Mile Long Bridge near Polk City has re-opened after it was closed for a few hours due to high winds.  Witnesses say the winds caused the bridge to sway and ripple Monday morning.  So crews spent part of the afternoon checking the bridge out, looking for any damage caused by the winds.

"The movement's reported were kind of unusual as far as up and down movements." explained Chief Structural Engineer Ahmad Abu-Hawash,  "It's just a precaution.  We're trying to make sure and verify there's no damage or anything happened to this bridge."

They didn't find any problems and re-opened the bridge a few hours later, but the engineers agreed it is better to be safe than sorry.

A recent study by Transportation for America ranks Iowa third worst in the country for problem bridges. The study shows that almost 22-percent of Iowa bridges are listed as “structurally deficient”.