RISING WATER: Roads Flooded, City Evacuated


A weekend of rain turned one Iowa town into an island for some time Monday.

All major roads in and out of Parkersburg had to be closed Monday morning due to swift water moving across all of them.  By the evening Mayor Perry Bernard said Highway 57 heading west towards Aplington was passable, but advised drivers to stay home.

Highway 14 north and Highway 57 going east toward New Hartford were still flooded over and Highway 14 south was previously closed for construction.

Butler County Engineer John Riherd said residents should stay home unless they have an emergency, as back roads and gravel roads could also be impassable as well.

Beaver Creek is about a foot over flood stage and not expected to fall until at least Wednesday.

Ten miles east of Parkersburg, Beaver Creek has prompted officials in New Hartford to suggest people evacuate. City officials fear water could top a dike near the town and if that happens, the entire city would flood.

Monday morning, crews opened an emergency shelter at the Community Center in Shell Rock.

The evacuation isn’t mandatory, but officials want residents to be able to leave before the flooding gets worse.


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