STOLEN FLAGS: Replaced In Time For Ceremony

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Flag thieves were no match for central Iowans set on honoring veterans at the Masonic Cemetery Monday.

The small Memorial Day ceremony went on as planned after 30 stolen flags were replaced by donors.

The cemetery owner says although he is frustrated by the theft, he is humbled by the support from the community, “again we prevailed we did what we had to do, we have very generous people, we had several organizations step up to help us make this a very successful event.”

Crews decorated the cemetery last week in preparation for the holiday weekend, but Friday they discovered the nearly $2,000 worth of flags had been stolen. After 80 more flags were donated the cemetery was burglarized once again. All the flags were replaced in time for Monday’s ceremony. Workers say they had cameras in place for the second theft and are reviewing video of the thieves.

Someone also stole six flags from Glendale Cemetery.