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CAR ACCIDENT: Missing Dog Reunited With Owners

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After searching for more than 24 hours, volunteers were able to reunite a missing dog with its owners.

The ordeal began on Monday when Steve and Jodie Kemp where in a bad accident on I-80 near Annawan.  The crash killed one of their dogs and sent Steve and Jodie to the hospital. The couples other dog, Abby, a black lab went missing.

“That’s Steve’s baby. He’s in serious condition, and that’s the only thing he asked, is please bring Abby home!” said Jen Anderson, Kemp’s sister-in-law.

Volunteers set out searching for Abby; she was eventually found a mile and half from the crash site in a muddy creek bed.

“It was awesome. The owner was calling her, the lady got on the phone and started calling for the dog on speakerphone, and the dog just laid down,” volunteer Will Addis said.

Abby will be reunited with her owners when they are released from the hospital.