Heat Advisory


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The Raccoon River has already spilled into Water Works Park and is expected to rise another three feet before cresting Thursday morning.

“When we reach 16.4 feet on Fleur Drive, we are right at the point of the road’s surface,” said Pat Kozitza, Director of Public Works.

Fleur Drive remains open for now but several roads and parks are already seeing orange barricades.

gray's lake closedGray’s Lake closed indefinitely Tuesday night at 8 p.m.

That’s forced Tom Elliott to change his plans.

He’s in town from Little Rock and looked forward to getting a few rides in during his trip to the metro.

“Since I’m not from around here, I don’t know where else in the city to ride,” said Elliot.

Carney Park, Prospect Park, and the west side of the Principal Riverwalk are closed until further notice.

Several roads including George Flagg Parkway from Southwest 30th to Park Avenue and Southwest 30th from Bell Avenue back to George Flagg Parkway are also closed.

With the roads leading in and out of Water Works Park closed, the Principal Charity Classic has had a change of plans to get crowds to and from the course.

“We’re making the adjustment to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to utilize Southridge Mall as our back-up plan for the general public, caddies, Wakonda members, and volunteers,” said Jamie Alt, Tournament Director for the Principal Charity Classic.

Spectators can catch shuttles from the Sears and Target parking lots.

It’s a longer drive for many attending the tournament, but officials don’t think it will be too big of an inconvenience to effect crowds.

“If you’re coming from I-235, you just need to head to Exit 9 and head south and that takes you right to Southridge Mall. If you’re coming in on Highway 5, take Exit 70B, turn north, and it’s a short distance to Southridge Mall,” Alt told Channel 13 News.

By Friday afternoon, tournament officials will decide whether to move parking back to Waterworks Park or remain at Southridge Mall.

That decision lies heavily on if we get more rain over the next few days and if Fleur Drive is closed.