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Flash flood warnings continue over southern Iowa. There are still flash flood watches and flood warnings for much of the rest of the state. I wish I had better news in the near-term….but flooding is still going to be a problem the rest of the week. You can see all the latest watches and warnings on the 12WarnMe app and our web site.

Be ready for more storms late in the afternoon and overnight hours through Friday night. The weekend looks much better. Highs will be in the 70s and lows 50s.

The flooding in Marshalltown was bad enough to close Highway 14 north of town and to send DOT crews to the ditches with high-capacity sump pumps. The water was pumped through fire hoses in an arch over two lanes of Highway 30. MTwon Flooding Amber RelphMTwon Flooding Bill Canney
Highway 14 north of Marshalltown was also closed due to the flooding. Highway 14 Marshalltown Robin Clemens

Highway 169 was closed north of Adel. I have seen this happen a couple times in the past. The logs from upstream wash into the bridge over 169. It is a damn that pushes the water over the highway and stops traffic north of Adel.
Tim Yates Adel Log Jam
In Belle Plaine…Highway 21 was closed down with flooding.

In Ottumwa…the water was so high that it swept away the trained storm spotter for the NWS. That person said the water swept her off her feet and down the street with lots of debris. Make sure you do not walk or drive through those flooded streets. No one can see what is under the water and you could be swept away too. Ottumwa Flooding Justine Miller