Amazing Security Video Captures College Flooding

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A college in Illinois is closed Wednesday after rising water burst through one of its buildings.

Security video captured the moment when water gushed through Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg.

School officials say the water built up at the door on the lower floor. The flood waters caved in the doors and shattered the glass.

The water overtook the student services center and even caused some of the computer desks to start floating.

The school's president says she's just thankful that crews had evacuated the building.

“All the damage that we have is strictly material items and equipment,” Lori Sundberg said. “We have a lot of debris we have to clean out. But it terms of whether anyone was hurt, there was no one hurt, so we're extremely grateful. We're very fortunate.”

There's no word yet on how much damage the flooding caused.  The college expects to be closed for the rest of the week.