HATCH ’14: Senator Contemplates Governor Run

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Sen. Jack Hatch

Democratic state senator and real estate developer, Jack Hatch, said he’s contemplating a run for governor.

Hatch says his focus now is forming an exploratory committee over the next three months and raising campaign funds.

At a news conference in Des Moines Wednesday, Senator Hatch talked about some of his goals he would set as governor.

Sen. Hatch says as governor, he wants to find a smarter way to deliver government services and to create jobs in both small towns and bigger cities, “I believe, no matter how much money you raise, you need a candidate that’s going to believe in the principals of the Democratic Party.

“I believe that we’re going to try to make this place better for all of us and not just a few, and that our policies have to be more broad than they are now.”

Governor Branstad still hasn’t announced if he’ll run for an unprecedented sixth term.

Bob Krause announced on The Insiders last Sunday that he is also running.