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MORNING BUZZ: Floods, Bowing Out and Earnings

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Good Morning…

Some quick shots for a Wednesday blog.


What a turnaround!  We’ve gone from having a drought map in our newscast to having a map of the counties effected by flooding so bad the Governor signed a disaster proclamation.  I’d rather have more water than less but I’d also like to see some dry weather.

Bowing Out

Speaking of turnarounds…Michelle Bachmann announced she will not seek re-election.  She insists this has nothing to do with the fact that she almost got beat this last time around and that there is a federal investigation into her Presidential Campaign here in Iowa.  The timing is hard to reconcile.  Why announce this now? She just bought ad time for her re-election campaign a week ago in the twin Cities! There is PLENTY of time for another Republican to jump in the race…and there will be no shortage in that district.  I can’t help but think there is a subplot here that we aren’t seeing yet.  Yet.

Bachmann’s message to her supporters was a rambling example of the alternate reality she seems to be living in.  She “called out” the terrorists?  She drags out the tired old “main stream Liberal Media” rant…

Joe Scarborough had a great line… “You can only set your hair on fire so many times as a magician before the crowd gets used to it and it starts to hurt your hair.”


Bob Dole contrasted, or maybe underscored Bachmann’s announcement with an interview for Fox.  He thinks the Republican Party should put a sign on the National Headquarters that says Closed for business” until next year… Dole thinks he would not be welcome in today’s Republican Party.  He also thinks Reagan wouldn’t identify with today’s Republicans.  A statement like that carried a lot more weight for me that statement from a bunch of Republicans who never met Ronald Reagan much less served with him.

Does this even register with Republican leaders?


One in four women now out-earn their Husband. had a story about a study saying this fact leads to poor health in some men.  They feel emasculated.  Really?  Get over yourself.

I can honestly say I could care less.  If you are married, you are a team.  We earn that money…we support each other and our careers.  She couldn’t do it without me and I couldn’t do it without her.    The statistic is an interesting societal trend….that’s it.

I’ll end by making my annual shameless solicitation of a day golfing at the Principal Charity Classic.  Anyone slip and break an ankle?…turn a wrist?…just doesn’t want to show up and wait out the rain tomorrow?  My clubs are in the trunk.  Either way I think I’m going to sneak out there and watch some of the golf.

Have a good one!