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STRANDED CAMPERS: Campground Road Floods

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After days and days of rain Iowans are getting used to flooded roads and the detours that come with them.

However, at Cutty's Campgound near Grimes, the only road that leads in and out of the camping area was under water.

People returning back to Cutty's Campground for the night got quite the surprise.

“We were in Des Moines all day and I knew storms were coming over but we came back to water over the road and I can`t get to our camper,” says camper Mary Gontjes.

The main road that leads drivers to the lower campsites flooded, trapping people on either side.

“Right now what you see is the road that you use to go across to the rest of the campground, if you go up this road we have over 500 more slips where campers are stranded because they can`t get across the only road that crosses what is the lake,” says camper Steven Laick.

Residents say the road was covered in a matter of minutes.

Once the rain started what used to be a marsh area quickly spilled over causing a powerful current to rush into the campgrounds lake.

“Yah it`s crazy, that`s a lot of water, this is a pretty strong current, this is the highest I’ve seen it since I’ve been here in about four years,” says Laick.

Camp officials estimate there are around 100 campers parked on the lower lots leaving people on that side with no way out.

Those trying to get in have to wait it out or find alternative arrangements for the night.

“We have relatives here in Des Moines so I suppose we`ll go spend the night with them if we can`t get in,” says camper Nancy Rippey.

Camp officials say the water started to recede at about 8:00 Wednesday evening.

After the water was low enough, campers were allowed to drive across the road again.

Cutty's says the flash flood didn't cause any major damage to the road.