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BIRDSEYE VIEW: Flooded Des Moines River

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Iowans along the Des Moines River are dealing with severe flooding. Channel 13’s Aaron Brilbeck was able to go up in a plane and survey the damage from 1,000 feet.

His trip begins over Ledges State Park, where most of the lower areas are under 10-15 feet of water. Lower ledges road and canyon road are closed to motor-vehicles, but open to hikers.

Then they head to Jester Park where the Lincoln access boat ramp, lower equestrian trails and more than 100 campsites are under water.

Over Saylorville Lake, the Mile Long Bridge shows you just how much water we're talking about.  The lake is at 857 feet above sea level, up about 5 feet in just the past 24-hours.

The spillway is releasing nearly 13,000 cubic-feet of water per second from the dam.  That's more than twice normal summer output.

Further downstream, where the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers converge, some flooding can be seen in wooded areas, and a lot of debris, everything from branches to whole trees, have collected here.