Severe Weather Alerts


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The Army Corps of Engineers are keeping a very close eye on the emergency spillway at the Coralville Reservoir.

They had to increase the amount of water coming out of the dam to 17,000-cubic feet per second over the last two days, but it still won’t be enough to prevent flooding.

Early next week the water will top the spillway and head into Iowa City.

Many homes have already taken on water, and mandatory evacuation orders were put in place Friday morning.

The University of Iowa is running a coordinated flood protection effort. Earlier this week, they evacuated Mayflower Residence Hall and crews finished installing HESCO barriers Friday.  They have also started sandbagging around the Memorial Union.

Coralville’s emergency spillway was topped during the devastating floods of 1993 and 2008.

The city of Coralville is now requesting volunteers to help sandbag.

The Johnson County Sheriff has also put a boating ban in place on the Iowa River below the dam.