CROSS COUNTRY: Raising Awareness For Cancer

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Helplessness, the only word to describe how Jenny Inmen felt about her 13-year-old daughter, Michaela’s, diagnosis

“On December 12, 2011 Michaela was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, it`s a rare form of childhood bone cancer,” says Jenny Inman of Ankeny.

It was a taxing 10 months, mentally and physically.

Inman says, “We pretty much sat in the hospital with the door closed and lights off and quiet because Michaela fought with everything she had to stay in control of her body."

For a trio of runners, their goal is to turn helplessness into hope.

“The idea is to sort of parallel in a small way what a cancer patient goes through,” says runner, John McKay

The group "Miles 2 Give" is running more than 3,000 miles across the country to raise awareness for Ewing Sarcoma research.

Runner, Landon Cooper says, “It’s one thing to raise money blindly and write a check but it’s another thing to inspire a lot of people as well and that`s what we’re doing.”

The Inman Family says they can’t thank the runners enough for what they’re doing for those cured and still suffering from the disease.

“To me what they`re doing means everything because I spent a year so helpless not knowing what to do and now they`re doing what I couldn`t.”

To learn more about the Miles 2 Give foundation or to donate to their cause check out their website.