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DANGEROUS WATERS: Saylorville Debris Obstacles

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If you plan to take the boat out on Saylorville Lake this weekend, you may want to think twice.

Branches, sticks and other debris cover the shoreline making it difficult to even get a boat in the water.

“People come down and they just turn back around most people are smart about it they see that they really can`t even put their boat in because of all the sticks that are coming up against the shore,” says Dan Goldman with CPS Marine.

Goldman is a boat mechanic and says with this much debris on the water, it just isn't a smart move to risk it.

“There are a lot of sunken trees underneath the water you can`t see so if you`re speeding across the lake and you hit one it can cost severe damage and your boat could end up sinking, so I wouldn`t boat on the lake for at least another couple of weeks,” says Goldman.

And that's advice Ken Danley is taking, he's leaving his boat docked.

“The debris is a real concern for all boaters big and small you want to be careful because of floating debris in the lakes and you could have large trees and it`s not so good to hit something in the water with your boat,” says Ken Danley of Des Moines.

However, the slow start to the season isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Marina employees say the extra rain will open up more areas along the lake that were too low last year, bringing out more people this summer.

“Overall if we have a more temperate summer and it looks like we will it could be a good thing for us, last year the heat was not helpful just burnt people out,” says John Carlson with Latitude 41 Bar and Grill.

The following boat ramps remain closed at Saylorville Lake: Cherry Glen (lower), Lakeview Main, Lincoln Access and Sandpiper Boat Ramp.

Both Oak Grove and Sandpiper Beaches are also closed.