LUCKY DOGS: Animals Survive After Storm Tears Roof Off Shelter

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Two lucky pooches are still wagging their tails after severe weather hit the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter on Thursday.

“My first concern was for the animals that were in here,” said Gary Ruth, director of operations for the Henry County Animal Rescue Organization.

Severe winds ripped the roof off Henry County’s animal shelter and veterinary hospital on Thursday afternoon.

“It was just like a big kite caught it and tore it off,” said Dr. Richard Howie.

Strong winds topping 80 mph lifted layers and moved metal while the two dogs and a cat and her kittens cowered for protection in their kennels.

Remarkably, none of the debris fell on the animals and no one was hurt.

Heavy equipment moved in on Friday morning to clear the debris.

The facility’s staff hopes volunteers will offer up their homes to foster the animals until the building is fixed.