WATER TROUBLE: Insurance When Sump Pumps Fail


After heavy rainfall last week in Grinnell, all homeowners are left with, are soggy basements.

 Almost seven inches of rain fell in 36 hours which caused sump pumps to overflow.

 Residents say their basements flooded with up to three inches of water. 

The city had to bring in several giant water pumps to help keep water away from people’s homes.

 For one elderly couple, they’ve been cleaning out their basement for a week… And the work is still not finished.

“Everything’s in piles, so I’m sure were going to be throwing away more stuff, but right now we have no place to put stuff back yet,” says Ruby Teed.

Insurance companies say there is insurance for these types of instances.

It’s called backup of sewer and drain insurance, and can apply to flooded sump pumps.


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