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BYE FLOPPY: Museum Exhibit To Close

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After more than two decades at the State Historical Museum a popular character exhibit will be retired.

The museum has decided to makes some changes that require removing the Floppy Exhibit.

They will replace the 21-year-old exhibit on June 9 and use the space for a new exhibit focusing on the history of RAGBRAI.

Duane Ellett and Floppy appeared on WHO-TV from 1957 to 1987.  Many in WHO’s viewing area would remember beeping Floppy’s nose and asking Floppy “why the chicken crossed the road”.

Even though Floppy won’t have a permanent home in the museum, officials say you will still have a few chances to see him. “He’ll occasionally make an appearance on our vault tours because he is an important part of our history. Duane Ellett and Ellett’s role as a broadcaster in Iowa was a fabulous part of so many people’s memory that we’re glad we’ve had a chance to celebrate it in the museum and we’ll still have it here,” Museum official Leo Landis explains.

The new RAGBRAI exhibit will open on July 18.