IRS SCANDAL: Iowa Coalition For Life President Testifies

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Conservative non-profit groups voiced their complaints about IRS scrutiny to Congress Tuesday.

The U.S. House held a hearing as part of ongoing investigations into the agency’s alleged targeting of conservative groups for scrutiny and audits..

One person who testified to the House was Sue Martinek, the president of the Iowa Coalition for Life. Martinek said she was questioned about the content of prayers involving the group and was asked to sign a statement saying they would not protest outside of Planned Parenthood offices. According to Martinek, once the Iowa Coalition for Life hired a lawyer, the IRS backed off its request.

In addition to the allegations of targeting conservative organizations, the IRS is also the focus of a treasury department investigation. An audit showed that the agency spent $49 million on elaborate conferences between 2010 and 2012, with some of the money going to pay for drawings of Michael Jordan and Albert Einstein, along with videos parodying the TV show Star Trek.