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LOWER CREST: Good News For Johnson County

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Residents in Johnson County have gotten some good news this week, the Army Corps of Engineers lowered the expected crest at Coralville Lake again on Tuesday. Now they say the water will crest Thursday and remain three feet below the emergency spillway.

Last week, the Corps feared the lake would top the spillway causing major flooding for Coralville and Iowa City areas.

The new forecast is good news for most cities who can handle flood waters as long as they don’t top the spillway.

In order to do that, the Corps is releasing the maximum amount of water from the dam, which is sending even more water down the Iowa River.

The river is expected to crest Tuesday night at 25. 1 feet.  That’s the third highest crest on record.

Mandatory evacuation orders are still in place for some low-lying areas along the river. People there expect to be cut off from their homes for at least another week.