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STILL CLOSED: Too Much Water At Gray’s Lake

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Crews had hoped to re-open Gray’s Lake on Tuesday, but standing water changed their plans.

Water from the Raccoon River is still covering parts of the trail and it is dropping much slower than it came up.

Parks and Recreation Director Ben Page says there’s no promises it will even be open this weekend, they are taking it day-by-day

There is also water in one of the parking lots and in the rental area.

“So far no significant damage, just some restorations to our turf, a couple logs have washed in from the Raccoon. We won’t know the extent of the damage until all the water goes down, but so far according to our inspections everything looks pretty good,” Page said.

The department hasn’t had to hire any extra help to handle the flooding either.

City crews were able to reopen a portion of George Flagg Parkway from Southwest 23rd to Southwest 30th. It had been closed for nearly a week.