WEEKLY WORKOUT: Core Strengthening Tabatas Pilates

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This week’s workout will ramp up your strength routine. It’s a combination of tabatas and pilates with personal trainer Angie Gallagher.

“The theory on this one is you`re going to do about sixty seconds of something that`s pretty difficult and then you`ll have a little over sixty seconds of recovery,” Gallagher explains.

The sixty seconds of hard work begins with a criss-cross exercise to target the abs and strengthen the core.

“Now, in that sixty seconds, if you`ve got good form, elbow out, your back isn`t arching - you want to do it as quick as you can,” Gallagher says.

It`s only a minute, but we`re ready for some recovery.

Then another minute and it`s back to the criss-cross...  We do this rotation three times, before moving on to the boomerang.

Angie makes it look easy.  It`s not.

The active recovery following the boomerang is the hip bridge.

“So when you roll to the outside, make sure your hips stay lifted, bring it back in and down.”

The hip bridge targets the gluts and keeps the core engaged.  Again, this sequence is repeated three times.

“Then you go back to hard and then something a little easier, then hard, then a little easier... Go back and forth in cycle,” Gallagher explains.

The superman is the final 'hard' exercise.  This is what we call a 'creeper' it seems easy at first, but over time, the pain creeps up on you.

Follow that up with child`s pose.  We like this, until Angie throws in some push-ups.  It`s the icing on a workout that will give your Pilates routine a little cardio kick.