MURPHY’S LAW: Cheers and Jeers for Stoops, One Wipe Charlies, Starting Five

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Iowa State’s Betsy Saina wins the NCAA 10,000 meters national championship. Saina covered 6.2 miles in 33 minutes, 8 seconds. I can’t imagine…

Ohio State president Gordon Gee will “retire” July 1. By all accounts, Gee was a smart man who did many good things. Unfortunately, Gee will be remembered as a guy who kept delivering condescending one-liners and inappropriate jokes. No one knows for sure how this happened. One way is these really rich, powerful men are often surrounded by too many butt-kissers who laugh way too hard at jokes that often aren’t funny…

Cheers to Bob Stoops for attempting to anonymously help the tornado victims in Oklahoma. Jeers to Bob Stoops for saying of the NCAA student-athletes who transfer, ““It isn’t right that they can just do what they want to do…It isn’t good. I don’t believe in it.”  Don’t believe in freedom of choice? Like the coaches have…

Andy Fales’ Boundary Waters beard was mostly gray. This is welcome news. He really does age…

Ryan Braun got off on a technicality last time. No one suggested the sample had been tampered, and the urine showed dramatically increased testosterone levels, consistent with performance-enhancing drugs. I’m sure Braun will again try to convince us he’s a victim, but this time he’s likely lost the benefit of the doubt. You should be innocent until proven guilty, but no one ever proved Barry Bonds or Sammy Sosa cheated. Do you have any doubts? Plus, how many times have we seen a guy convince his followers he really is clean, only to later find out he lied? Lance Armstrong, Rafael Palmeiro, Alex Rodriguez…

I think most of you have reached PED fatigue…

Dollar Shave Club is now trying to sell me One Wipe Charlies. They make the product sound really good, but I just can’t buy the premise…


According to the Wall Street Journal, the best-selling shirt at Wal-Mart is:


Karl Malone left Michael Jordan off his all-time NBA starting five. Not five best players. Starting five. Malone later backtracked and made it a starting six. Here’s my five:

  1. Magic Johnson
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. LeBron James
  4. Larry Bird
  5. Wilt Chamberlain

Who’s in your five?


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