CHILD SAFETY: Expo Held In Fort Dodge

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With missing Kathlynn Shepard still on their minds, a group of Fort Dodge parents got proactive. They teamed up with police for a child safety awareness expo Thursday night.

Police addressed several hundred children and parents, cautioning them about the realities of child predators.

They discussed developing family safe words and safe places to seek out if there is trouble.

The event organizer, Amanda Stone-Janssen, says the Kathlynn Shepard story is still fresh in parents' hearts and that's part of the reason the expo caught on so quickly.

"This isn't something you can talk about in school once a year. This isn't something you can talk about at home once a year. It's something that needs to be constantly present with kids, because kids forget things," Stone-Janssen said.

Parent, John Newman could see the positives in such an event, “I think our children's safety is very important and I think it's awesome that our community came together to make something positive out of such a tragedy."

The event was held inside the Crossroads Mall in Fort Dodge.