RESCUE MISSION: Ducklings Saved From Storm Sewer

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Bettendorf authorities took part in a big rescue mission Thursday morning. The victims: four ducklings trapped in a storm sewer.

Witnesses say after they dutifully followed their mama across a street and they all fell into a sewer and became trapped.

A neighbor heard the momma duck whaling, but when she tried to lift the storm drain it was too heavy, so she called other neighbors to help. The group of neighbors was able to rescue three of the ducklings with a net, then Bettendorf Public Works had to be called in to get the fourth. A half an hour later the final duckling was pulled to safety.

duck rescue netOnce the babies were back on dry land the family waddled off into the bushes together.

Ruth McCorran, who was first to spot the trapped ducks, laughed, “I didn’t intend to raise such a commotion, but I was glad we got the ducks.”

Public works crews say this sort of thing happens all the time during the spring.