SHOOTINGS CONNECTED: Drive-By Possible Retaliation

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Des Moines police are investing two shootings that shattered the silence of a quiet south-east side neighborhood early Wednesday morning, and investigators believe one shooting could be retaliation for another.

The first shots rang out at about 2:30 Wednesday morning at Jordan Park.  Police say a teen was hit in the wrist and leg.

While police were investigating this shooting, they heard gunshots a few blocks away.

A drive-by shooter opened fire on a home on Southeast Seventh. 16-year old Sam Houston was inside.  He says his brother had been in a fight at Jordan Park and just left the house when the shots rang out.

"Ten minutes later after they left, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom." Houston said,  "I'm down there (downstairs) and my brother's upstairs and I'm running up there to see if they're alright.  Then we see the holes."

Officers are promising more patrols in the neighborhood.  No arrests have been made.