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SUSPECT WANTED: Chase Leads To Accident

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Three people are injured and a suspect is still on the loose after a high speed chase in Des Moines Wednesday night.

Officers say they tried to pull over a suspect at 2nd and Sheridan Avenues just after 10 p.m. due to a broken tail-light, but the driver took off. He ran a stop sign and crashed into another car carrying a pregnant woman. Her car hit a parked car and a utility pole at 6th and Sheridan.

That’s where the suspect, 37-year-old Richard Brown fled the scene and left behind a size 9.5 K-Swiss shoe.

“I saw the shoe sitting there it was kind of strange because schools over and its practically a brand new shoe, so I picked it up and looked at it and I thought maybe some kid would come back and get it but I figured it probably wasn't a school kid,” neighbor Kathy Essex said.

Police say besides the shoe, Brown also left behind a cell phone which is what they used to track down his name.

There is a warrant out for Browns arrest, he is still on the loose and considered dangerous.