UNDER FIRE: Judge’s Emails Scrutinized

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A federal judge is under fire for allegedly trying to influence criminal prosecutions and threatening retaliation against attorneys who made her angry.

Judge Stephanie Rose was sworn in earlier this year. She now serves in the southern district of Iowa.

In a recently unsealed email to an assistant U.S. attorney, Rose states “You know how Bruce Banner says you won’t like me when I’m angry?’  There’s a lesson in there for all attorneys.”

In another email, Rose asks to meet with U.S. attorney Nick Kleinfeldt saying, “I have a few global issues regarding your office’s practices.”

Rose was also named in a discrimination lawsuit, filed by Martha Fagg, a 13-year veteran assistant U.S. attorney. The suit claims “Ms. Rose entered into a deliberate and prolonged retaliation against Ms. Fagg.”

The emails were unsealed as part of an appeal in a drug case.