COMMUNITY SAFETY: Mothers Rally Against Violence

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In Des Moines, neighbors living near Evelyn Davis Park took to the streets to take back their community.

“I don`t want to go to another memorial.  I don`t want to go to another funeral.   And i don`t want to bury my son,” Calvetta Williams of Mothers against Violence said.

Williams started the group - Mothers against Violence - because she says she's tired of the violence that has plagued the community over the years.

A few dozen people walked through the neighborhood, pushing for an end to violence, Saturday.

Some doubt the walk will make any difference, “'I don`t know, cecause no matter how many things we do it`s going to continue. It won`t stop,” Monaijah Jones said.

Mothers against Violence is trying to work with the city and community leaders to find other ways to curb violence.