MURPHY’S LAW: Cyclones the favorite, 5 Years and counting, Knott and Sluggerrr

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By: John Sears

Early college football betting lines are out.  As of now, the Cyclones are early 4 point favorites over the Hawkeyes.  This is not a surprise.  Iowa coming off a 4 win season, game is in Ames, seems right.  This would be the first time since 2000 Iowa State is ‘favored’ over Iowa in the Cy-Hawk game.

The outlook is not positive for either Iowa-or ISU football.  4 other lines were released for the Hawkeyes.  They’re underdogs in all, and a DOUBLE DIGIT DOG AT HOME to Northwestern…Yikes.  6 other lines were released for Iowa State, underdogs in all.  It could be a looonnnggggg year for football in Iowa.  And it’s only June…

So the Heat are beatable.  Lebron needs help, he’s not getting it.  If Wade or Bosh doesn’t step up the Spurs will ‘upset’ Miami.  And as ‘boring’ as people say the Spurs are, they actually average more points in the playoffs than the Heat.

Lebron posted a triple double.  18 points, 18 rebs, 10 assists.  Great game.  But, James HAS to score more, he has to.  I know Wade and Bosh are no help, but this is Lebron’s time, he needs to shoot more AND score more.  I like Lebron, but this is his team.  Everyone wants to compare LBJ to MJ.  In 35 NBA finals games (6 series), Michael Jordan never scored fewer than 22 points.  He averaged 34 points a game in the NBA finals.  I’ll always argue Jordan is better than Lebron.  James is great, but he needs to be more selfish, in 10 NBA finals games Lebron is averaging 25 points a game and has scored less than 20 twice.

George Karl is the NBA Coach of the Year.  George Karl is looking for a new job.  The Nuggets fired their COY.  Welcome to ‘life in the NBA’ where nothing is ever good enough.

Is the NFL seriously thinking of putting a team in London?  Seriously?  I think this is just a stupid idea.  Football is not football overseas…Well it is, but…nevermind.  If I’m a player I don’t want to play in London.  It’s ok to be a ‘worldly’ company, but you don’t actually have to have teams all around the world.

knott royalsFormer Cyclone linebacker Jake Knott threw out the first pitch Saturday night at the Royals game.  It was ‘Iowa State’ day at the ‘K.’  Reports say the throw was ‘juuuussst a bit upstairs.’  Jake’s brother Luke played the role of catcher.



My 5 year wedding anniversary was on Thursday.  Dinner and a movie with Maria.  When you have a 2 year old, and a 3 month old, that’s about all you have time for.  I’m a lucky guy.  I have a great wife, who’s given me 2 great kids that are more than I could have ever dreamed of.  Cheers to many more great years!!!

June 6th, 2008

June 6th, 2008