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VIOLENCE FORUM: Turnout Disappointment

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A group organized to combat violence near Des Moines' Evelyn Davis Park seems to be losing some steam.  But organizers say they aren’t giving up yet.

On Saturday, it looked like the beginning of a movement.  Dozens of people, led by the group "Mothers Against Violence" marched against the bloodshed and gang activity in the neighborhood near Evelyn Davis Park.  But Tuesday night, only about 20-people turned out for a forum to discuss ways of reducing the violence.  The mayor, police chief and lieutenant governor were invited.  None of them showed up.

"These are their constituents." said frustrated neighbor David Burkett,  "They're not even here to support something that's..on a human level, just a basic human level that's good.   I mean it's against violence. Why wouldn't you be here trying to help your constituents stop violence in their community?"

Those who attended say they’ll continue working on ways to curb the violence in the neighborhood.