BURGLARS BUSTED: Police Credit Neighbors

Des Moines police say they've arrested three burglary suspects, thanks to some alert neighbors. A neighbor spotted three people breaking into a home in the Ingersoll Park neighborhood and called police.

As officers arrived, the three suspects took off.  That's when several other neighbors called police, reporting the three running through yards and looking suspicious...leading police right to two of them.

"That had a big impact here today of us keeping tabs on where these subjects were moving to." says Officer Mike Delaney, "They did move a distance from the home but again, from several calls from neighbors we were able to kind of move along with them"

Burglary victim Karen Herrick can't say enough about her neighbors.  "They just prove why we all love living in Iowa.  Just the great people.  Great people.  And I hope I never have to return this favor but I want them to know I`m watching out for them too." she says.

A third suspect was arrested a few hours later.  Neighbors spotted him hiding in a back yard.

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