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One person is under arrest and a lot of people are shaken up after Des Moines police chased a suspected drunk driver through a busy park Thursday afternoon.

Police tried to pull over 40-year-old Marvin Newsom by Water Works Park. But he didn’t stop, instead taking off, speeding through the park and missing some pedestrians by just a few feet.

Police were eventually able to pin Newson’s truck against a tree.

“Cops coming in over there in the circle and we were in the white car over there  and he almost crashed us and he came all the way over here and he started drifting and the officers were crashing him over there.  And they got out and the cops got him and they were hitting him with the metal thing,” says witness Zuriel Luna.

“Hit that tree back there and then pushed him back into this one to end the chase.  Subject comes out of the car in a defensive manner, not wanting to follow any of the commands from the officers.  They deployed mace on the gentleman. Had no effect on him. He still wanted to resist,” says Sgt. Jeff Phillips.

Officers were finally able to wrestle Newsom to the ground. He’s facing charges of eluding, OWI and reckless driving among others.