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Tornado Damage, 91 Degrees, NHL

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It was a busy afternoon for the weather center and a terrible time for folks watching tornadoes move through Wright and Franklin Counties.

Tornado warnings started coming down around 4:30. Belmond was the first town to see the tornadoes hitting the ground. Some of the pictures also showed twin twisters near Hampton. Belmond Tornado Looking from Clarion Greg ChapmanTornado in BelmondDouble tornado south of Hampton Sam Showalter

Our own crews were on the scene this afternoon. During our severe weather cover at 5PM Sonya jumped off the set and started to drive to the damage in Belmond. Check out some of the raw footage shot as the tornado moved just north of Belmond.

We did hit 91 degrees in Des Moines. The heat index was 96. This was the feeling of summer many have been waiting to see and feel.

Tonight was one of the longest delays we have ever had because of a sporting event. We finally got on the air around 12:05 AM.
Over the years we have upset many hockey fans with tornado warnings during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. One year ...2008 in think...we pretty much had to be on the air during the entire championship game. There was a line of tornadoes on the ground through all three periods.
The next morning a Flyers fan was at our front door at 8:00 AM ready to let me know how upset he was that we stayed on the air while the tornadoes were on the ground. Thank gosh I don't get into work until 3:00 PM.

Tonight was the fifth longest Stanley Cup Playoff history. We got off the air at 12:36AM. I remember John Bachman complaining about a double overtime playoff. He brought it up every year since that time...until he retired. I'm going to call him on the way home to let him know it was even later this year!
Now I have something to pass along to those who will still be in the station long after I've left the building.