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AUSTRALIAN RULES: ‘Footy’ In Des Moines

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Australian rules football is the national sport of Australia.  'Footy' as its called, has made its way to Des Moines.  The Des Moines Roosters are the only Aussie Rules team in the entire state, and they're pretty good.  The Roosters are the defending Division 4 national champs.

Aussie Rules looks a lot like rugby, but it's not the same.  It has some of the same concepts, but not all.  There's no throwing the ball in Aussie Rules, instead each pass has to be made by 'handballing,' which is essentially like a bump pass in volleyball.

Aussie Rules incorporates skills from all different sports, football, soccer, rugby, basketball, volleyball, and even basketball.

The Roosters welcome all players, if you're interested in the sport and want to  give it a try they welcome everyone.  It's not hard, you can learn the game in 10 minutes and start practicing with the Roosters in no time.  For more information check out their website